On 22nd September, the NODES project hosted its final conference at the Solvay Library in Brussels. Close to 100 participants attended the all day event which presented the results of the project and gave a first taste of its main achievement: the NODES Toolbox.

This Toolbox has the objective to support practitioners in the design and management of their interchange, and covers all the related aspects: land use and infrastructure planning, energy and environment, design, management andbusiness models and ICT Solutions. It contains a benchmark tool which allows practitioners to assess and benchmark the performance of their interchange and points them towards a set of tools to improve its performance.

The Toolbox is now available online at the following address:

All the presentations are available to download here

Some pictures of the event are available here (password UITP220915)

IMG_20150923_114058The next day, most of the participants also came to Gent to visit Sint-Pieters Station which is considered as the main interchange for the city. This is a classic testbed for the NODES Toolbox, as all modes of transport are currently covered by this station which is expected to be completed by 2024: train, tram, bus, car-sharing, e-car-sharing, taxi spaces, park&ride, kiss&ride, 11.000 bike park, e-bikes… This was a very fruitful visit which allowed participants and NODES partners to better understand how the NODES Toolbox could be concretely implemented at an interchange to better develop it on each topics of the Project.

You can download some pictures of the Ghent Visit are available here


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