NODES identified innovative approaches to the design of new or upgrades efficient interchanges. The main interest of the architect and project developer when designing an interchange should be to connect ‘people to the places’. Four main dimensions have to be considered: architectural and functional design, the provision of accessible and efficient journeys, high quality user experience, and a connected and integrated system.


Identification and specification of the key areas of interchange design. This document  is an introduction to the theme “Innovative approaches relating to the design of new or upgraded efficient transport interchanges”. It aims to provide an insight into the key areas of the theme of ‘Interchange Design’, to identify areas where tools are needed and to provide a benchmarking tool to enable the assessment.

Interchange Design an Innovative Set of Tools. This document introduces a benchmarking and set of development tools for interchange managers/promoters. The benchmark tool will allow users to distinguish different levels of possible intervention based on a performance assessment of the design of the interchange.