The NODES Toolbox deals with the multimodal integration at interchanges and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). This included soft modes, information to passengers, as well as the use of management information and decision tools for the operators and managers allowing for a coordinated service offer.

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Intermodality and ICT assessment guidelines. A document for interchange stakeholders to assess the level of performance of their local interchanges in the field of intermodality and the use of ICT solutions. Through a first list of tools, interchange stakeholders will find existing and innovative solutions to be implemented locally to improve multimodal connections at their interchanges in order to ensure seamless intermodal travels.

Intermodality and ICT, a benchmark tool. This document presents a set of development and benchmarking tools for interchange managers/ promoters. The  tool allows to distinguish different levels of possible actions and to assess the relevance and the performance of ICT solutions presently deployed at the level of interchanges through indicators, using the good practices presented.