The NODES mission

NODES built a Toolbox to support European cities in the design and operation of new or upgraded interchanges, as a way to provide greater support, services and satisfaction to the travelers and users, as well as to interchange operators and those societal and economic actors depending on the efficiency of interchange operations.

Five key areas were considered:



Interchanges play a key role in the integration of the urban mobility system and in enabling good intermodal solutions. Their efficiency and sustainability is therefore essential to achieve sustainable transport objectives in Europe.


NODES approach

The NODES state-of-the-art identified leading strategies, design approaches, operations and models developed in the framework of several research projects, local and regional policy frameworks and established best practices.

User needs and system requirements were defined. Key performance indicators were set and integrated into the NODES toolbox.

The NODES tools and methodologies were validated in nine NODES sites. The NODES User Group, consisting of external experts from public administrations, operators and end users organisations, provided feedback on the project developments and results.